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viastat boxUser Rating: #27
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Manufactured By:

Manufacturer Unknown.

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Product Review:

Viastat Pills are an herbal formula which claim to be a libido enhancer that works for men suffering from Andropause. Andropause is characterized by a gradual decline of testosterone as men age, and a decrease in libido and sexual desire. Andropause is similar to Menopause is women, and generally starts slowly in some men around age 35 and increases with age. There is no official Viastat product website, however Viastat is available at a handful of online herbal retailers.

Viastat Pills Product Claims:

  • Increases Lutenizing Hormone (LH) and increases testosterone levels
  • Increase Your Sex Drive and Erectile Function Naturally
  • Maximum Stamina
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Better Muscle Tone

Expected Results:

Information on Viastat is somewhat hard to come by and it's even harder to find any proven results on what you can expect from using Viastat. Viastat does contain some quality herbs known for their effect on libido and sexual enhancement - although it's certainly not the best formula we've come across. There are some positive Viastat testimonials featured online which would indicate some men are experiencing positive results with Viastat.

* Best Price - Save $3 per bottle when ordering 2 or more bottles of Viastat.

viastat pillsProduct Guarantee: 30-day Money back guarantee.


----> *Note - There is no actual Viastat product website.



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viastat ingredients

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Viastat - Full Review



Viastat - Review

viastat capsulesViastat pills are sold online through one or two herbal retailers. Despite much research, we have been unable to determine what company manufactures Viastat. This is always a bit of a concern for us as it makes it hard to research the reputation, quality, and safety of the product involved. The following excerpt is one of the few descriptions of Viastat we could find online:

"What is andropause? By the time men are between the ages of 30 and 55, they can experience a phenomenon similar to the female menopause, called andropause. We know that women experience a decline in hormone levels as they get older. We never wanted to believe that it also occurred in men as well. Both are similar in the fact that they are distinguished by a drop in hormone levels. Estrogen in the female, testosterone in the male. Imagine having less of the core component that Makes You A Man. Millions of American men are experiencing this very thing. Their quality of life suffers immeasurably and they don't know what to do about it.

Prescription Free and All Natural... Viastat is a prescription free 100% All-Natural product. Viastat is not a synthetic chemical and contains no artificial hormones. It has none of the potential adverse side effects you may find with a chemical drug. Viastat used on a daily basis will also help in the gym by improving your drive and desire. Remember Viastat also supports muscle building because of it's testosterone enhancing properties. Men with low testosterone levels look soft and lack muscle tone no matter how hard they workout. Bottom line.... if your a man over 30 or you just feel like you need a boost in the manhood department - Viastat is the only choice for the educated consumer."

Viastat does contain a few popular herbs known for their effect on erectile function and improving overall sexual performance. The ingredients in Viastat work to help improve blood flow to the penis and throughout the body - this helps men to achieve and keep an erection in order to successfully complete intercourse. Viastat is a natural herbal blend to help raise testosterone levels and treat Andropause.

Viastat does contain beneficial ingredients, although in our opinion not nearly as many as industry leading products like VigRX Plus, Prosolution Pills, and a few others. It's important to note that Viastat is not a penile enlargement formula, and will not increase penis length or girth. If you are looking to add penis size you will need to check out our consumer top rated enhancement pills which will add penile length and girth. Viastat is mainly designed to help raise testosterone levels and help older men increase their libido.


Viastat - Product Claims

  • Increases Lutenizing Hormone (LH) and increases testosterone levels
  • Increase Your Sex Drive and Erectile Function Naturally
  • Maximum Stamina
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Better Muscle Tone


Viastat - Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee. Some retailers may vary.


Viastat - Dosage

Take 2 Viastat capsules daily.


Viastat - Cost

  • $32.99 for one bottle - 1 month supply
  • $89.10 for three bottles - 3 month supply
  • $178.20 for six bottles - 6 month supply


Viastat - Testimonial

"I started to use Viastat about 8 months ago. Before Viastat I was going through a bad time. I had less energy, gained some weight, and lost interest in sex. I went to my doctor who told me that most men have problems with testosterone levels as they age. He said it was call "Andropause" or Male Menopause. I opted not to take testosterone medication because of the side effects. After doing some homework with my wife, I ordered Viastat. It has given me back my sex drive. I have so much more energy and I even lost the weight I had gained. Thank you very much." - LM


Viastat - Ingredients

The ingredients in Viastat are Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Di-Arginine Malate, Avena Sativa, Maca Extract, Eurycoma Longifolia, Damaina Leaf, Ginkgo Biloba, Cnidium Monnier Extract, and Bioperine.


Viastat - Side Effects

There are no reported side effects associated with using Viastat capsules.


Viastat - Bonuses

Current Viastat Free Bonuses:

  • No free bonuses currently offered with Viastat purchase.


Viastat - Medical Endorsements

Viastat does not have a doctor or medical endorsement.


Viastat - Shipping

Viastat is shipped by Express Courier. Shipping costs are unknown.


Viastat - How to Order

Viastat has no official product website - but is available to order through a few herbal online retailers.


Viastat - Conclusion

order viastat nowWhile certainly not a bad product, overall we rate Viastat as an average male enhancer for men looking to increase their testosterone and improve erectile function. Viastat is primarily targeted at older men who are suffering from Andropause (male menopause) and are looking to restore their libido and re-ignite their sex drive. Viastat capsules contain some good ingredients for male enhancement, however it is not nearly as strong a formula as many of the leading enhancement products.

It's important to note that the main purpose of Viastat is to increase male testosterone levels. The primary goal of Viastat is to restore male libido, and it will not provide results in many other areas like erection size, orgasm strength, help with premature ejaculation, and other features of top rated male enhancement capsules like VigRX Plus and Prosolution Pills. If your main concern is improving your energy levels and increasing libido, Viastat might be the right choice for you.

One of our main concerns with Viastat is that it seems impossible to figure out what company actually manufactures Viastat and where they are located. Viastat is distributed through a few herbal retailers online, but without any mention of who makes this product and what kind of facilities it's manufactured in. On the plus side, while we don't think Viastat will provide the kind of dramatic results that most men are looking for in a sexual enhancer, it is a reasonably priced option for men on a tight budget. At only about $30 a bottle, Viastat certainly won't break the bank. However, we would advise men to spend the few extra dollars and buy a male enhancement product that will provide truly amazing results - and has a great reputation of customer service and safety.

There are several superior products available made by companies who have been around for many years and have a proven track record of results. We find it a bit hard to recommend Viastat when there are several safer, more effective, and more powerful formulas readily available. Our customer feedback indicates a user rating of #27 for Viastat, not bad - but far behind the top male enhancement products. Compare Viastat to the top 5 enhancement pills.




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Millions of men have already used penis enlargement capsules to dramatically increase their penis size and sexual stamina, improve erectile function, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner. While Viastat capsules are not the strongest formula for men, there are several other products other than Viastat that have provided dramatic results for men looking to increase penis size and improve their sexual performance.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work - through numerous clinical trials and overwhelming positive feedback from the men who've used them. We encourage you to learn more about the top rated penis enhancement capsules and start enjoying the benefits of increased penis length and girth, improved stamina and erection control, and elevated sexual performance.


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