Increase Sperm Loads - Here's how.

pills to increase sperm volumeWith the surging popularity of medically approved penis enhancement capsules, it became obvious that most men take their sexual performance and enjoyment very seriously. This led to the development of sperm volume enhancers and orgasm intensifiers for men who want to increase their sperm load and enjoy explosive orgasms and take their sexual performance to a higher level. Used by porn stars for over a decade, these supplements to increase sperm have only become available to the general public in the last 5 years and are proving extremely effective and hugely popular.

Natural sperm supplements have taken the enhancement industry by storm - so much so that experts predict that within a few years sperm pills will actually outsell penis enlargement capsules. We take the guess work out of choosing sperm volume pills by reviewing all the top products on one site and giving you all the information you need to decide which ones are the best fit for you.

We've researched over 20 sperm enhancement capsules, and from that we've been able to determine which sperm pills work best to quickly increase sperm loads for men. You and your partner will enjoy many benefits from taking a doctor-formulated natural sperm volume supplement.

What You Can Expect from Using Sperm Pills

  • Increase sperm production by 500%
  • Ejaculate with More Power and Force
  • Double or Triple Strength Orgasms
  • Increase Sperm Count and Motility
  • Boost your Potency and Fertility
  • Increased Sexual Confidence

Sperm volume pills are a must have for men looking to impress women with a huge sperm load and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms all the time. As men get older and testosterone levels begin to decline, sperm production decreases, orgasm strength diminishes, and your sexual performance declines as a result. Sperm supplements allow you to reverse these changes and help men dramatically increase semen production, improve sperm volume and health, enjoy earth shattering orgasms, powerful ejaculations, and never ending sperm loads like when they were teenagers.

Which Products Increase Sperm the Most?

Sperm volume pills are relatively new to the male enhancement industry, and as such there are only a handful of products that work as claimed. We've compiled an honest and unbiased list of the most effective sperm volume enhancers and what results you can expect from them. We don't sell or manufacture any of the products we review so - unlike most sites - we can give you factual information that is independent and unbiased.

We rate sperm volume capsules using several criteria including customer feedback, safety, value, medical studies, customer service, money back guarantees, and - most importantly - which ones increase sperm production the most. Below are the top 3 consumer rated sperm volume pills on the market and an overview of the product. For more detailed information on each sperm pill, click on the "Full Review" link for that product.


semenax is the consumer's choice sperm pill

semenax sperm volume capsules


User Rating: #1
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Manufactured By:
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Leading Edge Herbals
2414 4th Avenue
Greeley, CO
United States of America

Semenax Review:

Semenax was the first semen supplement to hit the market in 2004 and since then has retained it's status as the most powerful and effective semen volume supplement you can buy. Semenax has consistently been the top selling semen pill on the market. Semenax was developed by Albion Medical using a team of researchers and is endorsed and recommended by several renowned doctors and medical specialists including Dr. Michael A.Carter and Dr. Steven Lamm - resident specialist on 'The View'. Semenax is consistently chosen as the top semen volume pill in consumer feedback surveys.

Semenax has been used by several porn stars including Ron Jeremy, Lexington Steele, and - most notably - Peter North. These adult film stars have confirmed that sperm pills including Semenax were responsible for their unbelievable sperm loads and dramatic climaxes.

Semenax Product Claims:

  • Increase Sperm Volume up to 500%
  • Unload with Impressive Force and Volume
  • Longer Lasting, More Intense Orgasms
  • Boost your Potency and Fertility
  • Dramatically Increase Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction
  • Send your Confidence off the Charts

Semenax Results:

According to medical reviews and customer feedback, you should start to see many Semenax results within the first week or two of usage. Increased sperm production, longer orgasms, and stronger climax intensity are some of the immediate benefits you should notice. As time goes on, you can expect an overall increase in sperm volume by up to 500%.

Ejaculations will go on much longer and you'll enjoy very intense double or triple-strength orgasms. If you're looking for the most potent formula that will dramatically increase sperm volume and will amaze you and impress your partner - Semenax would probably be your best choice.

* Best Deal - take advantage of the Semenax Diamond Package and buy Semenax for only $33 a bottle.

semenax experts choice sperm pillProduct Guarantee: 67-Days

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  • Increased Sperm Production - up to 500%
  • Double or Triple Strength Orgasms
  • More Powerful and Forceful Ejaculations
  • Improve Sperm Health and Motility


volumaxx semen volume capsules


User Rating: #2
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Manufactured By:
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Pro Edge Labs Inc.

5018 Lochside Drive
Victoria, BC V8Y 2E7


Volumaxx Review:

Volumaxx is a relatively new addition to the semen volume pill marketplace, but is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most powerful and effective semen volume supplements you can buy. Volumaxx is produced and distributed by Pro Edge Labs, a leading player in the natural medicine field, and is quickly becoming one of the top selling semen pills on the market. The Volumaxx formula is very effective as it contains 16 potent ingredients selected for their ability to increase semen production, boost testosterone, and improve sexual function.

Volumaxx has proven to be a welcome addition to the sexual enhancement industry with a dynamic formula for men looking to dramatically increase their semen load size and enjoy much more intense orgasms. Several adult film stars have confirmed that sperm pills like Volumaxx were responsible for their unbelievable semen loads and dramatic climaxes.

Volumaxx Product Claims:

  • Increase Semen Volume up to an Amazing 500%
  • Enjoy Mind-Blowing Orgasms that Last Much, Much Longer
  • Shoot Huge, Powerful, Gushing Semen Loads
  • Increase Sexual Stamina and Endurance
  • Boost your Potency and Fertility
  • Improved Sexual Performance and Confidence

Volumaxx Results:

According to many online reviews, customer feedback, and our analysis of the ingredients - you should start to see very good results with Volumaxx within the first few weeks of usage. Increased semen production, longer orgasms, and stronger climax intensity are some of the immediate benefits you should notice. As time goes on, you can expect an overall increase in semen volume of up to 500%.

Ejaculations will go on much longer and you'll enjoy very intense double or triple-strength orgasms. If you're looking for an incredible sexual enhancer that will amaze you and impress your partner - Volumaxx would be one of our top recommendations.

* Best Deal - purchase the Diamond Package and get Volumaxx for only $33 a bottle.

volumaxx capsules are the expert's choice

Product Guarantee: 60-Days

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vimax volume sperm capsulesUser Rating: #3
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Vimax Volume

Manufactured By:

PillsExpert Inc.
5674 Monkland Ave
Montreal, QC
Canada H4A 1E9

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Vimax Volume Review:

Vimax Volume is a new entry in the sperm supplement industry and comes from PillsExpert Inc., the company behind the popular Vimax Pills. Vimax Volume is quite new but initial feedback from men seems to indicate that Vimax Volume will join the elite products like Semenax and Volume Pills as a highly effective way to increase sperm production.

Vimax Volume Product Claims:

  • Forceful Ejaculations
  • Potency and Fertility Enhancement
  • Significant Rise in Quantity of Sperm
  • Stronger and More Intense Orgasms
  • Improved Sexual Function and Prostate Health

Vimax Volume Results:

Vimax Volume is a welcome addition to the sperm enhancement industry and seems to be a high quality product with excellent ingredients known to increase semen and sperm volume and promote stronger climaxes. We would still like to see more customer feedback on this product but it appears to be a very good choice for men who want a quality male sexual enhancer.

* Best Deal - Buy Vimax Volume for only $33 per bottle when you purchase a 6-month supply.

vimax volume sperm enhancer pictureProduct Guarantee: 60 Days

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Additional Sperm Pill Reviews

improve your sex life with Semenaxs sperm pillsThe sperm volume enhancers reviewed above comprise the 'best of the best' when it comes to male sperm volume pills. You will find that virtually every male enhancement review site will mention these three products, and with good reason. We know you'll be thrilled with any of the products listed above, and blown away when you see how quickly they increase your sperm volume and improve your sexual performance.

Compared to penis enlargement pills, there are far fewer major competitors in the sperm pill industry, so the companies listed above are really the only serious choices for most men. Learn more about these 'Top 3' sperm enhancement pills above and we know you'll find the perfect fit for you. Check back often as we'll add more sperm pill reviews as new products become available.

  • Sperm Volume Pill Reviews Coming Soon:
  • AlphaMale Capsules
  • Ogoplex Orgasm Intensifier
  • Spermamax Sperm Pills


Try Sperm Volume Pills for Mind Blowing Sex.

Millions of men have already used these amazing sperm pills to dramatically increase sperm production and volume, enjoy more intense orgasms, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner. All of our consumer recommended products are clinically proven to work, and offer excellent money back guarantees if you're not completely thrilled with the results.

We hope this information will help you understand how to increase sperm volume quickly and easily with natural semen supplements. Order some today and start experiencing the thrill of a huge, thick sperm load, powerful ejaculations, and earth shattering orgasms!


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