How Kegel exercises work for men.


by Wade Hoppe - May 12, 2012


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Kegel - how to exercise your PC muscle

The main function of kegel exercises for men is to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle or PC and this is the muscle that stretches from one's pubic bone up to the tail bone and forms a hammock-like base that supports the pelvis organs and plays a significant role in the normal function of the sphincter muscles. The exercises are normally recommended as a treatment for prostate pain as well as swelling that is caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia and also prostatis or prostate gland inflammation. They are also employed as an initial step in treating urinary incontinence, the accidental discharge of urine. Kegel exercises for men have been reported to improve the general health and also hardness of the penis as well as preventing pre-mature ejaculation in addition to other sexual benefits.

To start the exercise, first you must locate your PC muscle and this can be done during urination. As your flow starts, try to completely stop it and the tightening muscle you feel is your PC muscle. Once you have found your PC muscle, you are now able to perform kegel exercises and it is advisable to start with less exercises and increase with time as doing too many exercises may cause less or more pronounced muscle fatigue and soreness.
Kegel exercises for men can be done either as long or short exercises. To perform the long kegel exercise you need to strain the PC muscles strongly and hold them as long as you can but not more than 10 seconds, and then relax the muscles fully for at least 10 seconds, then repeat again for about 15 times if possible. You then need to do the short kegel exercise where you strain and hold your PC muscle for a second and then completely relax it for one second. Repeat again about five times and relax completely for about ten seconds. Repeat the short exercise again for about 3-4 times.

When you begin to perform the exercises you will find it hard to strain your PC muscles and this is because your muscles may not be strong enough and you do not have to strain them. However, with daily practice your PC muscles will tend to be stronger and after sometime you will be able to strain them for a whole 10 seconds when performing the long kegel exercise.
In order to successfully perform kegel exercise for men, you need to avoid doing the exercise when urinating, empty your bladder prior to starting the exercises, ensure that your abdominal and thigh muscles are relaxed, with each contraction get maximum tightening, while holding the muscles in strained position breathe and also try to strain your muscle when in different positions such as when lying, sitting or standing.

When you have been accustomed to tightening your PC muscles, kegel exercises for men may be performed anywhere, anytime and having a regular exercise session at least times a day is good. By doing kegel exercises daily, they will help to strengthen your pelvic muscles, increase flow of blood to your genital area which supports mechanisms for sexual arousal, reduce urinary incontinence if any, increase sexual activity pleasure as well as the ability to have harder and longer erections.
When kegel exercises for men are done regularly and correctly, one is able to realize improvement within 4-6 weeks however, this can vary depending on an individual.