Prolargex: Review of the week - June 9, 2014


Review of the Week - Prolargex

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There are literally hundreds of male enhancement capsules available and not surprisingly, they all claim to be "the #1 male enhancement pill". With so much information available online, it often makes it harder to find out the truth about products you're interested in. Many "review sites" only actually recommend one product - and it's the one they manufacture or sell!

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prolargex product picUser Rating: #48
prolargex ratingprolargex ratingprolargex ratingprolargex is rated 3 starsprolargex user rating
Prolargex Capsules

Manufactured By:

Lab 88
385 Pearsall Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11557 USA
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Product Review:

Prolargex capsules have been around for a short time and claim to help men improve several areas of sexual performance. The primary purpose of Prolargex is to help men increase penile size and girth - as well as improve erectile function. Although not the strongest male enhancer to come along, Prolargex does offer a decent male enhancement product, although we feel there are a number of superior products in this price range. Prolargex claims to provide climax control and work even with alcohol use.

Prolargex Product Claims:

  • Bigger, Thicker, Harder Erections
  • Climax Control Ingredients
  • Works Even With Alcohol Use
  • Promotes Enjoyable Lustier Sex

Expected Results:

While not among our top 30 male enhancement products, Prolargex is a decent product - although certainly not one of the strongest formulas for something in this price range. Better erections and improved stamina could be expected in the first few weeks of using Prolargex. A decent male enhancement option for men but not one of the top products available.

prolargex websiteProduct Guarantee: 90 Days - *One opened bottle only


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prolargex ingredients

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Prolargex - Full Review



Prolargex - Review

prolargex bottleProlargex capsules have been around for awhile and are sold through the main product website at The Prolargex website is owned and operated by Lab88, a company that sells a small number of other herbal products as well as Prolargex. From the Prolargex website:

"In developing Prolargex, Lab88 searched far and wide for an ingredient that can make your sexual performance outrageously uncontainable and make your erections burst in size and proportion. Lab88, formulators of the highest quality supplements including male enhancement since 2004, has finally completed a formulation that is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Prolargex is made with Orchic, which is extract from bull testicles to help you with your erection issues. Prolargex is satisfaction guaranteed, and while it’s safe and effective for those healthy enough for sex, please see possible side effects and cautions.

What makes Prolargex different than almost any other male enhancement pill is the perfect blend of ingredients, including powerful aphrodisiacs and special herbs from exotic locations around the globe. Feel the effects of Prolargex almost immediately, within the first hour of taking the male sex pills.* Take Prolargex, to enhance your performance, before sexual activity. Achieve maximum results by taking Prolargex as a daily supplement. With daily use, the proprietary blend of Prolargex ingredients builds up in your system, and is designed to help you to realize benefits of true manhood; erections that are harder, thicker, and more satisfying.

Although not as powerful a sexual enhancer as our top rated male enhancement products, Prolargex has developed a decent male formula that should help some men improve their ability to achieve erections and increase their libido. While many of our readers rate several products higher, Prolargex does contain a few good quality ingredients like Muira Puama, Ginseng, and Zinc - all important ingredients that any good sexual enhancer should have.


Prolargex - Product Claims

  • Bigger, Thicker, Harder Erections
  • Climax Control Ingredients
  • Works Even With Alcohol Use
  • Promotes Enjoyable Lustier Sex


Prolargex - Guarantee

Prolargex offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Read the terms carefully as the "Terms" page states that the guarantee applies to "one opened bottle only" - meaning you can really only try the product for 30 days.


Prolargex - Dosage

Take 2 Prolargex capsule twice daily, monthly supply is 60 capsules.


Prolargex - Cost

  • $44.97 for one bottle - one month supply
  • $89.97 for 2 bottles - two month supply (plus get 1 bottle free)
  • $134.97 for 3 bottles - three month supply (plus get 2 bottles free)


Prolargex - Testimonial

There are no Prolargex customer testimonials available on the product website.


Prolargex - Ingredients

The known ingredients in Prolargex pills are: Tongkat Ali, Oyster Extract, Catuaba Bark, Muira Puama, Ginseng, Pumpkin Seeds, and Zinc.


Prolargex - Side Effects

There are no reported side effects associated with using Prolargex capsules.


Prolargex - Bonuses

Current Prolargex Free Bonuses:

  • 'Extra Bottle' bonus available on certain size orders.


Prolargex - Medical Endorsements

Prolargex does not have any doctor or medical endorsements.


Prolargex - Shipping

Regular shipping rates start at $5.95 for first class mail, and go up to $24.99 for FedEx standard overnight. Free shipping on certain size orders.


Prolargex - How to Order

There are two options available for buying Prolargex. You can order Prolargex securely online through the official website or order by phone using their toll-free number. PayPal ordering is available.


Prolargex - Conclusion

prolargex reviewWhile we feel that Prolargex is a decent sexual enhancer for men, it is certainly not the strongest male enhancer in this price range. Unfortunately the website only reveals 8 of the ingredients meaning there are several unknown ingredients in the product. We always recommend men avoid any product where they don't know all the ingredients as it can be quite unsafe. Although some of the ingredients in Prolargex are revealed - some are not and this is a bad sign. Although we do like some of the ingredients in Prolargex, as you can see from the ingredient chart above, Prolargex is lacking several vital ingredients found in top brands.

The website indicates that Prolargex is made with Orchic, an extract from bull testicles. This is rather unusual in a male enhancement formula, and we are unaware of any studies showing positive effects from this ingredient. Aside from our concern over unlisted ingredients, our last complaint is that Prolargex proudly claims it has a 90-day money back guarantee - which is true - but only one bottle may be opened, meaning you can only actually try the product for 30 days before the guarantee becomes invalid. If you go ahead and try a second bottle the guarantee will not be honored - we find this a bit misleading.

We feel that Prolargex is at best an average product and certainly not the strongest choice for men - especially compared to top rated male enhancement products. There are several superior products like VigRX Plus, Prexil, and Prosolution Pills that have been around for many years and have a proven track record of safety and success. We find it a bit hard to recommend Prolargex when there are several safer, more effective, and more affordable options readily available. Our customer feedback indicates a user rating of #48 for Prolargex - far behind the top male enhancement products. Compare Prolargex to the top 5 enhancement pills.


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Male Enhancement Pills for Better Sex.

Millions of men have already used male enhancement capsules to dramatically increase their penile size and sexual stamina, improve erectile function, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner. While Prolargex capsules are not the best choice for men, there are several other products other than Prolargex that have provided dramatic results for men looking to increase erection size and improve their sexual performance.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work - through numerous clinical trials and overwhelming positive feedback from the men who've used them. We encourage you to learn more about the top rated male enhancement capsules and start enjoying the benefits of increased penile length and girth, improved stamina and erection control, and elevated sexual performance.


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