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Product Review - Prelox

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prelox User Rating: #19
prelox ratingprelox ratingprelox ratingprelox is rated 3 starsprelox user rating

Manufactured By:

Natural Health Science Inc.
5 Marine View Plaza, Suite 403
Hoboken, NJ 07030-5722

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Product Review:

Prelox capsules have been around for some time now and are designed to help erectile performance for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although certainly not the strongest male enhancer, Prelox does offer a decent male enhancement product. Prelox pills have shown to provide some positive sexual benefits for many of the men taking them.

Prelox Product Claims:

  • Increases Ability to Achieve and Sustain Erections
  • Recapture Sexual Pleasure and Passion
  • Helps Revitalize Sexual Performance

Expected Results:

While not one of our top 10 recommended male enhancement products, Prelox is an OK product - although not one of the strongest formulas for something in this price range. Better erections and improved sexual performance are some of the benefits you should experience in the first few weeks of using Prelox. A decent male enhancement option for men but not one of the strongest products available.

prelox reviewProduct Guarantee: None


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prelox ingredients

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Prelox - Full Review



Prelox - Review

does prelox workPrelox capsules have been around for a number of years and are marketed (although not sold) through the product website at Prelox is made by Natural Health Science Inc, a company based in Switzerland with a USA office located in New Jersey. Natural Health Science Inc. has been around for several years, but is not one of the better known companies in the world of male enhancement. From the Prelox website:

"Prelox® is a patented combination of two potent ingredients clinically proven to increase a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection. Prelox can help recapture the sexual pleasure and passion that time diminishes. Prelox can help revitalize your sexual performance, put an end to performance anxiety, restore your confidence and achieve the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you thought were no longer possible. Prelox is a safer, all natural, drug-free way to enhanced sexual pleasure and performance.

Prelox can help revitalize your sexual performance, put an end to performance anxiety, restore your confidence and achieve the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you thought were no longer possible. And that means it can enable you to experience once again, in all its sublime passion and pleasure and ecstasy, one of the greatest joys of life: Sexual fulfillment. Prelox is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. Together they increase nitric oxide production, stimulate circulation and blood flow and protect blood vessels from the damage that can occur from normal aging. This combination helps to improve blood flow into the vessel and enhances the vessels responsiveness to that flow. And that helps to achieve and sustain better erections.

Although not as powerful a sexual enhancer as our top rated male enhancement products, Prelox has developed a decent male enhancement formula that should help some men improve their ability to achieve erections and increase their libido. While many of our readers rate other products higher, Prelox does contain one ingredient which can be beneficial for erectile function and that is L-Arginine. However, with only 2 ingredients, Prelox does not contain nearly as many different ingredients as most leading male enhancers and this is our main concern with this product.


Prelox - Product Claims

  • Increases Ability to Achieve and Sustain Erections
  • Recapture Sexual Pleasure and Passion
  • Helps Revitalize Sexual Performance


Prelox - Guarantee

Prelox does not come with any kind of money back guarantee.


Prelox - Dosage

2 Prelox tablets, twice a day, for the first two weeks. Then one tablet or two tablets twice a day.


Prelox - Cost

The cost of Prelox pills cannot be confirmed at this time. Prelox is not available to purchase from the main product website. Instead, the site lists a handful of websites in North America that sell Prelox - however 2 of the 3 sites mentioned no longer seem to carry Prelox. The only site where we could find Prelox the price was £35.23 (approx. $60 USD) for a bottle of 60 tablets - a one month supply.


Prelox - Testimonial

"Sex is longer, more fulfilling, good before, but better now. I'm not concerned about losing an erection. It keeps on working like the Duracell bunny."

Bob T. , 55


Prelox - Ingredients

Prelox pills are a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol.


Prelox - Side Effects

A small percentage of people may experience flushing or headaches when they first begin using Prelox, but this should lessen with regular use. If you are seriously ill, on multiple medications, suffer from severe hypertension or heart disease, consult your physician before using Prelox.


Prelox - Bonuses

Current Prelox Free Bonuses:

  • There are currently no bonuses for purchasing Prelox


Prelox - Medical Endorsements

Prelox does not currently have any medical or doctor endorsements.


Prelox - Shipping

Prelox shipping speed and cost varies depending on destination country.


Prelox - How to Order

Prelox is not available to purchase through the product website, The website does list 3 websites for sales in North America, however we were unsuccessful in our attempt to buy Prelox from these websites.


Prelox - Conclusion

prelox blue reviewWhile we feel that Prelox is a decent sexual enhancer for men, it is certainly not the strongest enhancer in this price range. When you order a 1-month supply of Prelox for approx. $60 you end up paying a whopping $1 per capsule, which is much more expensive than leading competitors which can be bought for about 1/2 of that when buying the discount packages. This puts Prelox into the 'slightly expensive' category when comparing to other top rated male enhancers. Another drawback is that Prelox only contains 2 ingredients - L-Arginine and Pycnogenol (Dried Pine Bark Extract) - while leading male enhancement formulas contain between 12-16 potent ingredients for improved sexual performance.

Customer feedback indicates that men should experience some mild improvement in their erectile function within the first few weeks of using Prelox. Some men using Prelox may experience additional benefits like harder, longer erections, more intense orgasms, and improved sexual stamina. Men who seem most likely to benefit from using Prelox would most likely be slightly older men with ED problems. While Prelox may not provide the dramatic effects of some of it's competitors, it should offer men some improvement in erectile function. One of the biggest drawbacks with Prelox is the absence of any kind of money back guarantee. Most of the leading enhancement products offer very good money back guarantees which allow you to try their product risk-free. Unfortunately Prelox doesn't do this and you won't get your money back if Prelox doesn't work for you as desired.

Overall, we rate Prelox as a safe - slightly expensive - but effective male enhancement product - but not one of the best enhancers out there - and that's why this product comes in at #19 on our User Rating, which is still quite respectable considering how many sexual enhancement products are on the market. While Prelox isn't quite good enough to be considered among the 'elite' male sex enhancers, it's certainly better than many products out there. We think most men are looking for the strongest possible male enhancer with quicker and more dramatic results like VigRX Plus, Vimax, or Prosolution Pills, but Prelox does provide some decent results for men. Compare Prelox to the top 5 enhancement pills.


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