Penomet: Review of the week - Nov. 12, 2012


Review of the Week - Penomet

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What You Can Expect from Using Penis Enlargement Devices

  • Increase In Penis Length - Usually from 1 to 3 Inches
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  • Increase in Sexual Stamina and Endurance
  • Works to Correct Penile Curvature
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Penomet Penis Pump


penomet penile pumpUser Rating: #13
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Penomet Pump

Manufactured By:

UPL Distribution
Bahnhofplatz 1
CH-6300 Zug
visit penomet siteSwitzerland


Penomet Review:

The Penomet penis pump is a brand new product which is distributed by a company called UPL Distribution in conjunction with Penomet LLC. The main office for UPL Distribution is located in Switzerland, with warehouses in SE Asia and the UK - but the Penomet pump is shipped to North America and other countries worldwide as well.

Penomet Product Claims:

  • Banish Impotence
  • Gain Inches Quickly
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Straightens Bent Penises
  • Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Penomet Results:

It's unclear what results - if any - the average man will experience while using the new Penomet penile pump. The product makes a wide variety of claims which seem to solve virtually every sexual function problem known to man - however they offer very little clinical evidence that this product works as well as they say.

penomet enlargement deviceProduct Guarantee: 365-Days

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Penomet - Full Review

Compare Penomet to the ProExtender Device


Penomet - Review

penomet penis enlargement pumpThe Penomet penis device is manufactured and distributed by UPL Distribution - in partnership with Penomet LLC - and sold through the product website at This penile pump has been around for a very short time and the company is basically unknown in the male enhancement industry. From the Penomet website:

"Penomet is the premium penis enlargement device, engineered by professionals with over 100 years combined experience in the field of penis enlargement and with input from over 1000 individuals world-wide. The result is the amazing Penomet Water Assisted Penis Pump which you can use in the shower, in your bathtub or as a conventional penis pump. With countless new innovations and real-life testing for overtwo years, the Penomet, the most advanced Penis Enlargement System in the world was born. Not only does it sport the innovative interchangable Gaiter System but our engineers where also able to imprint directly into the plastics a precise measurement scale both in Inches and Centimeters.

After studying the latest evidence in penis enlargement our engineering team set out to design the best vacuum pump available today. Using our revolutionary AquaPressure system, the Penomet delivers the optimal vacuum necessary for optimal results. The Penomet is made from high quality polycarbonate plastics. It is one of the toughest plastics ever made by man and is virtually unbreakable. The Penomet is made to last. Made with medical grade silicon, the Penomet gaiter maintains an even, optimal pressure throughout your exercise. Our revolutionary interchangeable gaiter system also allows you to select from a variety of gaiters with different pressure settings."

The Penomet penis pump is used 5 days a week for 15-30 minutes per session. The Penomet comes with a number of color coded "gaiters" which are essentially inter-changeable rubber rings which change the amount of vacuum pressure in the tube. The website recommends that men start with less pressure during their pump sessions and work towards increasing the pressure with extended use. The website comes with a sample routine of which color gaiters to use and for how long.

Penomet comes with a 365-day money back guarantee, however in reading the terms of their guarantee, it seems that this does not apply to all products, as the website states that you in fact can return the product within 14 days if you have not used it. Assuming you have used your Penomet system, it is not entirely clear if you can still get your money back. We would recommend any men considering the Penomet pump contact the company before purchasing to confirm the details of their guarantee to clarify this. Although we doubt that many men would choose a penis pump when there are so many better alternatives now available, if you have your heart set on using a penis pump, Penomet may be a decent choice.


Penomet - Product Claims

  • Banish Impotence
  • Gain Inches Quickly
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Straightens Bent Penises
  • Increase Your Sexual Stamina


Penomet - Guarantee

Penomet offers a 365-day guarantee - on some of the pumps, but not all. Read the details of the guarantee closely before purchasing the Penomet penis pump.


Penomet - Usage

The Penomet Pump is used by applying the device over your penis and 'vacuum pumping' it for 15 to 30 minutes daily. The pump should be used 5 days per week.


Penomet - Cost

  • Penomet Standard Pump - $127
  • Penomet 'Extra' Pump - $197
  • Penomet 'Premium' Pump - $297


Penomet - Testimonial

"I just bought the Penomet one week ago and immediately after my first use, my penis looked a lot bigger. The gains receded somewhat afterwards but after repeated use I see those small differences adding up. I really look forward to how it will be in a few months time." - Joseph N. Canada


Penomet - Side Effects

Men should discontinue use if they experience any pain, discomfort, rashes, or any other side effects while using the Penomet device.


Penomet - Bonuses

Current Penomet Free Bonuses:

  • 3 Free bottles of GunOil Shine with purchase of the Penomet Premium pump


Penomet - Medical Endorsements

Penomet does not have any doctor or medical endorsements.


Penomet - Shipping

$9.95 and $14.95 shipping and handling charges on the two lower pump models. Free shipping for the Penomet Premium pump.


Penomet - How to Order

There are two options available for buying the Penomet. You can order Penomet securely online through the official website or through the customer support toll free phone line Monday to Friday.


Penomet - Conclusion

penomet reviewWe feel that as far as penis extenders go, Penomet is not the best choice for helping men with penis size and erectile problems. While penis vacuum pumps enjoyed a short time of popularity about 20 years ago, there are now so many superior methods for male enhancement that most of these pumps no longer exist. Penis pumps require a major time commitment as they must be used a minimum of fifteen to thirty minutes per day, 5 days per week to see any real results. While many men prefer the convenience of taking male enhancement capsules, if you are adamant about using a penis device, there are several extender devices available which we feel are far more preferable to using a vacuum pump.

The company behind the Penomet pump - UPL Distribution - is relatively unheard of in the male enhancement industry, and the product and website have only been around for a very short time. This alone is reason for caution as we normally recommend men stick to products and companies that have been around for at least a few years, and have a solid reputation and proven track record of customer service. Unfortunately this is not the case with the Penomet pump, and we prefer to wait until this company and its product have been around for awhile before we can endorse them in good conscience.

One reason we have concern for this product is that the Penomet website seems to make a number of outlandish and unproven claims regarding their product. The manufacturer claims that the Penomet pump will increase penis size, stop premature ejaculation, banish impotence, increase your sexual stamina, and straighten bent penises. This seems to be a very tall order - and we think it is unrealistic to expect that a simple penis vacuum pump will solve all of these problems. We would prefer the product made more realistic claims and offered proof to back them up.

Penis pumps have become far less popular with the advent of male enhancement capsules which frankly work better and are more affordable. In addition, several penis enlargement extender devices are now available which provide more dramatic results with less time commitment. However, for men that are set on using a penis pump, the Penomet device may provide some benefit, however we think there are a number of better options available for men today. In any case, we will wait until the Penomet pump has been around for a year or two before making a final judgment. Early customer feedback gives the Penomet pump a User Rating of #13, far behind the leading penis enlargement devices. Compare the top rated penis extenders.


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