Nugenix: Review of the week - Oct. 23, 2012


Review of the Week - Nugenix

We take the guess work out of buying penis enlargement pills by reviewing all the top products on one site and giving you all the information you need to decide which ones are the best fit for you. We've reviewed over 200 male enhancement capsules and from that we've been able to determine which penis pills work best for the majority of men. You can expect many benefits from taking a doctor-approved penis enhancement capsule.

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There are literally hundreds of male enhancement capsules available and not surprisingly, they all claim to be "the #1 male enhancement pill". With so much information available online, it often makes it harder to find out the truth about products you're interested in. Many "review sites" only actually recommend one product - and it's the one they manufacture or sell!

We've compiled an honest and unbiased list of the most effective enhancement pills and what results you can expect from each. We don't sell or manufacture any of the products we review so - unlike most sites - we can give you factual information that is independent and unbiased.

We rate male enhancement products like Nugenix using several criteria including customer testimonials, safety, value, medical studies, customer service, money back guarantees, and - most importantly - which ones produce the best results. We assign a final score to each product based on this criteria and customer feedback to generate a user rating. We hope you find this Nugenix review helpful in finding the male enhancement product that's right for you.



nugenix bottleUser Rating: #66
penis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill rating
Nugenix Capsules

Manufactured By:

300 6th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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Product Review:

Nugenix capsules are sold as a 'testosterone booster' and produced by GNC Inc, a vitamin and supplement manufacturer with over 6000 stores in the USA and other locations worldwide. The US corporate office is located in Pittsburgh PA, and Nugenix is marketed through the product website at Nugenix pills are primarily made up of Fenugreek - an herb which promotes healthy free testosterone levels and is claimed to help improve male libido.

Nugenix Capsule Product Claims:

  • Helps Restore Healthy Levels of Testosterone
  • Improves Male Libido and Sexual Stamina
  • Promotes Healthy Muscle Mass

Expected Results:

It's unclear what results - if any - men can expect when using Nugenix to improve sexual function or performance. The main use for Nugenix in men is to help promote and maintain healthy testosterone levels. Because of Nugenix's reported use in promoting testosterone levels, some men use Nugenix as a bodybuilding supplement.

Nugenix also claims to help improve male libido and sexual stamina, however there is little - if any - proof offered that men will experience any sexual benefits from using Nugenix. Because our consumer recommended penis pills provide much more dramatic results for improving libido and increased penile size, it makes it hard to recommend Nugenix as a top choice for men.

nugenix websiteProduct Guarantee: *Unopened Bottles Only

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nugenix  ingredients

Compare Nugenix to VigRX Plus


Nugenix - Full Review



Nugenix - Review

nugenix testosterone boosterNugenix capsules are a recent addition to the male supplement industry, and few men have probably even heard of this product. Nugenix - whose main ingredient is the herb Fenugreek - is not specifically a male enhancement formula, but more of a supplement to promote and maintain testosterone levels in men. There are, however, claims on the Nugenix website that this product will also have an effect in improving male libido, stamina, and vitality. Unfortunately there is not much evidence produced that Nugenix will accomplish these goals. If you're looking for an actual libido enhancer or a product to achieve bigger erections, you'll need to try a formula like VigRX Plus, Vimax, or Prosolution Pills. From the Nugenix website:

"IS IT TRUE THAT TESTOSTERONE LEVELS DECREASE AS MEN AGE? Yes—for the overwhelming majority of men. Natural production increases from puberty up to age 30 then it can decrease. And for many men, this decrease in testosterone means lower libido and loss of strength and stamina. Our Cambridge researchers created Nugenix to help the body restore healthy levels of testosterone through natural production. The key ingredient, Testofen® helps to achieve this.The main ingredient is Testofen® which contains 50% Fenuside from Fenugreek - a rare plant. To maximize the potency of Nugenix we created a special blend which includes 600 mg of Testofen® plus additional key ingredients including zinc and vitamins B12 and B6.

The recommended usage instructions for Nugenix are to take 3 capsules, at the same time, on an empty stomach. On days you work out, you may find it more beneficial to take 30-45 minutes before working out. On non workout days, we recommend taking it in the morning. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules, however if you feel the need to slightly increase the dosage by 1-2 capsules, that will still be in a safe tolerance zone."

Unfortunately, the quotes above comprise almost every bit of information about Nugenix that the company offers on the product website. Nugenix has several shortcomings as a male sexual enhancer and these make it very hard to recommend Nugenix as a product that offers good value for men. One of the problems is that Nugenix does not really disclose all the ingredients in this product. While the product website does state that Nugenix contains vitamins B12 and B6, andTestofen, which contains 50% Fenuside from Fenugreek, it is not clear what other ingredients may be in this product. Unless there are several other potent ingredients which are not mentioned, we find Nugenix to be very expensive for the limited amounts of ingredients it contains.

We never recommend any product that fails to disclose all ingredients, as not only is this unsafe, but it makes it impossible to tell if you're getting a good quality male enhancement formula for the money. If you're looking for a quality male sexual enhancer, check out our user rated top enhancers for men, but unfortunately we feel that Nugenix is not a very good choice for men looking for guaranteed results from a sexual enhancer.

We provide the following information regarding Nugenix, but please be aware that some of this information was provided by the Nugenix website, and we can't confirm the accuracy of every claim or testimonial.


Nugenix - Product Claims

  • Helps Restore Healthy Levels of Testosterone
  • Improves Male Libido and Sexual Stamina
  • Promotes Healthy Muscle Mass


Nugenix - Guarantee

It's important to note that while Nugenix claims to have a 30-day money back guarantee - this guarantee applies to unopened bottles only!


Nugenix - Dosage

Proper dosage of Nugenix is 3 capsules taken at the same time - on any empty stomach.


Nugenix - Cost

  • $69.96 for one bottle - 1 month supply
  • $209.97 for three bottles - 3 month supply
  • $419.94 for six bottles - 6 month supply


Nugenix - Testimonial

"I just finished my first bottle and have a few thoughts. I definitely have more pep on my step. I'm only 48 but feel very recharged. It's hard to explain exactly, but my energy and "bedroom interest" are definitely up." - Stanley, GA


Nugenix - Ingredients

The only known ingredients in Nugenix are Testofen, Zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12.


Nugenix - Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with using Nugenix.


Nugenix - Bonuses

Current Nugenix Free Bonuses:

  • No free bonuses with Nugenix purchase


Nugenix - Medical Endorsements

Nugenix is not doctor approved or recommended.


Nugenix - Shipping

Nugenix shipping is $4.95 on all size orders for USA shipping only.


Nugenix - How to Order

Nugenix is available to purchase online through the product website at, as well as most GNC store locations in the USA.


Nugenix - Conclusion

nugenix reviewIn our opinion, Nugenix capsules are definitely not one of the better male enhancement supplements available for men. While Nugenix is sold as a product to increase and maintain testosterone levels, it is also marketed as a male libido enhancer, and we have seen no evidence it will provide any dramatic results in this department. While the website claims that Nugenix will work to improve male libido, strength, stamina, and vitality - it offers almost no information about the product or how it will do those things. In fact, the entire Nugenix website only actually contains a handful of sentences about the product - plus a few graphics and a 'buy now' button.

Nugenix is certainly not the best choice for men - especially compared to top rated male enhancement capsules like VigRX Plus, Vimax, and Prosolution Pills. We must caution men that Nugenix does not disclose the full extent of its ingredients, making it nearly impossible to verify the effectiveness (or safety) of this product. We can't recommend spending $70-$450 on a product that has few proven ingredients - and could possibly be bought at a health food store for a few dollars. Maybe there are some more quality ingredients in Nugenix, but we feel that if this were the case they would be happy to reveal all the ingredients in Nugenix.

Another drawback with Nugenix is the extremely high price tag. At $70 per bottle - and with no discounts for multiple bottle purchases - Nugenix is one of the most expensive products in this category. With a price tag over $420 for a 6-month supply - most of the leading sexual enhancers could be purchased for half this amount. In addition to claims of maintaining testosterone levels, Nugenix also purports to market itself as a supplement to "improve adult male libido". Unfortunately we have seen no evidence that the ingredients in Nugenix will provide men with any improvement in sexual performance, libido, or erectile function . We suggest men stick with male enhancement supplements like VigRX Plus which have actual clinical studies proving that they work for the majority of men.

There are several superior products available made by companies who have been around for many years and have a proven track record of results. We find it extremely hard to recommend Nugenix when there are several safer, more effective, and more affordable options readily available. Our customer feedback indicates a user rating of #66 for Nugenix, far behind the top male enhancement products. Compare Nugenix to the top 5 enhancement pills.


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Male Enhancement Pills for Better Sex.

Millions of men have already used male enhancement capsules to dramatically increase their penis size and sexual stamina, improve erectile function, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner. While Nugenix capsules are not the strongest choice for men, there are several other products other than Nugenix that have provided dramatic results for men looking to increase erection size and improve their sexual performance.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work - through numerous clinical trials and overwhelming positive feedback from the men who've used them. We encourage you to learn more about the top rated penis enhancement capsules and start enjoying the benefits of increased penis length and girth, improved stamina and erection control, and elevated sexual performance.


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