Is Libigrow a Scam?


Scam Investigation: Libigrow

With literally hundreds of male enhancement products on the market, and new ones appearing daily - it can be hard to figure out which products work and which ones don't. The fact is that many products work extremely well, and some don't work at all. On top of that, some products are down right scams which are designed to take your money - and you may or may not ever receive the product. We take the guess work out of buying male enhancement products because we review all the top products on one site and also let you know which products are simply a penis enlargement scam.

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to decide which product is best for you - plus help save your hard earned money by telling you which products to avoid because they are simply a scam. We've reviewed literally hundreds of male enhancement products over the last decade, and from that we've been able to determine which products work best for the majority of men. We've helped thousands of men avoid wasting money on penis enlargement scams like Max Gentleman, Dr. Maxman, Manster, VPXL, and dozens of others.

Here are some tips to help avoid male enhancement scam products:

  • Avoid any product you've only heard of through SPAM e-mails
  • Does the product have an official website? (ie.
  • Has the product/company been around for a number of years? (preferably a few years or more)
  • Does the product have a money back guarantee?
  • Are there customer testimonials on the website?
  • Does the company offer a phone number and actual address?
  • Avoid sites that use 'Auto-Billing' or 'Recurring Billing' practices
  • Beware of companies offering "free samples" that require your credit card number

Libigrow - Is it a Scam?

"Is Libigrow a complete scam?" This is a question that easily pops to mind when viewing the Libigrow website. Libigrow is not one of the better known male enhancers, and the Libigrow product over the years has changed from capsules, to a cream, and now is sold in the form of Libigrow "Delay Drops" - which they now claim are "Energy Drops".

We have compiled the following report for men wondering if Libigrow is a scam. We encourage you to check out this Libigrow review, and if you have tried Libigrow and would like to send in a Libigrow testimonial or review of your own, please do so via our contact form below. We would be happy to post any Libigrow reviews or testimonials from men who have tried this product. We offer the following Libigrow information and hope it helps you decide whether or not Libigrow is a scam.

Scam Report Card: Libigrow


Product: Libigrow
In Business Since: ????
Reputation: Poor
Doctor Endorsed: No
Customer Support: Poor
Official Product Website: Yes - Redirects to http//
Real Customer Testimonials: No
Recurring Billing: Unknown
"Free Trial" Program: Yes
Product Safety: Ingredients not disclosed
Anti-Spam Compliant: Unknown
Price: Free Trial
Manufactured in CGMP-Certified Labs: Unknown
Contains Yohimbe: No
Projected Customer Satisfaction Rating: <5%



As you can see from the chart above, Libigrow does not rank highly in any of the categories which help determine if a product is a scam. While we can't say for sure that Libigrow is in fact a scam - it definitely is a confusing product that's hard to pin down. When we first reviewed Libigrow, it was a male enhancement pill. Then it changed to a male enhancement 'cream'. As of November 2016 - Libigrow is now sold as flavored "Energy Drops".

There is no indication on the product website as to the ingredients of these 'new' Libigrow energy drops. The Libgrow drops come in 4 flavors - watermelon, pink lemonade, green apple, and blueberry. While Libigrow for years was known as a male enhancement product, it appears that this is no longer the case.

Most complaints about male enhancement websites involve unauthorized credit card charges from products using recurring billing or autoship programs. Libigrow appears to fit right into this category, as the only way you can purchase Libigrow is through their "Free Trial" offer - which actually costs $9.95 - and requires you to provide your credit card information. This is usually the first and easiest sign that a product is a scam. We do have several concerns regarding Libigrow which are outlined below.

In our opinion, it seems quite obvious that Libigrow is indeed a scam designed to get you into their Autoship program, which then usually takes months of effort to cancel. We advise men considering buying Libigrow to proceed with extreme caution. If you must, it would be wise to buy Libigrow with a pre-paid credit card to eliminate the risk of recurring billing practices.


Here is the list of the 'pros' of Libigrow:

  • Product has an official website


Here are some of the 'cons' of Libigrow:

  • Ingredients not listed
  • Not backed by clinical studies
  • No money back guarantee
  • No customer testimonials
  • Libigrow product changes constantly
  • Company only offers Free Trial option
  • Libigrow website redirects to WHY??
  • No free shipping with Libigrow no matter the order size
  • Product website offers no information or description on ANY of their products

We think you'll agree from the 'pros and cons' list above that there isn't very much to like about Libigrow or the company behind this product. We have studied and reviewed Libigrow in depth and in our opinion Libigrow sure seems like a scam. If you've ever heard about Libigrow and wondered if it was a scam - the answer certainly seem to be a resounding - "YES"!

Libigrow certainly appears to be a scam - any product that doesn't disclose its ingredients, only offers "Free Trial" programs, redirects you to a different website, and only seems interested in your credit card information to sign you up for recurring billing - definitely should be avoided. On a scale of 1 to 10 we would rate Libigrow as a 3 - we have been urging our readers to avoid these type of products and buy a top-rated product that actually works.

We would be quite confident in betting that this product will not be around for long. We have included this full Libigrow review to help men learn more about Libigrow.

Libigrow - Full Review



libigrow male enhancement creamLibigrow is a sexual enhancement product that comes in two different formulas - one for men, and one for women. They are available online as well as through some smaller retail outlets like convenience stores and gas stations. Libigrow is manufactured by True 2 Beauty Inc., and the Libigrow website has been in existence since 2005. From the Libigrow website:

"Designed to enhance your libido, the Libi brand of products, LibiGrow, LibiGirl, and LibiShots, are formulated to improve sexual potency, energy, and pleasure. Libigrow is an all natural supplement formulated and designed for men of all ages. Unlike other sexual enhancement supplements Libigrow is designed to keep working in your system for up to 4 days. When arousal time comes you’ll be ready to rock her world for as long as you want.

You don’t have to worry about having an erection when you don’t want it, Libigrow works with your body and will only work when you want it to. So take the smart and healthy supplement and be all that she wants you to be and more!"

Unfortunately, Libigrow has several shortcomings as a male sexual enhancer and these make it very hard to recommend Libigrow as a product that offers good value for men. One of our biggest concerns with Libigrow is the lack of proven ingredients in their formula, which is quite a bit less than most of their competitors. Another concern is regarding their money back guarantee. While the website states that Libigrow comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, this guarantee applies to unopened product only - meaning that as soon as you actually open the product to try it - you can't get your money back!

This is not really a true money back guarantee in our books, and we always encourage men to only buy products backed by an iron-clad guarantee that applies to the price of the entire purchase. If you're looking for a quality male sexual enhancer, check out our user rated top enhancers for men, but unfortunately we feel that Libigrow is not a good choice for men looking for guaranteed results from a sexual enhancer.

We provide the following information regarding Libigrow, but please be aware that some of this information was provided by the Libigrow website, and we can't confirm the accuracy of every claim or testimonial.


Libigrow - Product Claims

  • Enhances Sexual Libido in Men and Women
  • Improve Sexual Potency, Energy, and Pleasure


Libigrow - Guarantee

According to the website, Libigrow offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Guarantee applies to unopened packages only.


Libigrow - Dosage

Take 1 Libigrow capsule, 1 hour prior to sexual activity.


Libigrow - Cost

  • Only available by signing up for their 'Free Trial' Offer - Receive 1 free capsule of Libigrow for $7.50 (shipping and handling). Actual cost of Libigrow is unknown.


Libigrow - Testimonial

"Usually I'm done in 10 to 15 mins. Yesterday, I took Libigrow about 2 hours before having sex and I last 45 minutes. That was amazing for me and for her. Thanks you guys." - Jam Sessions


Libigrow - Ingredients

The ingredients in Libigrow are L-Lysine, Korean Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Powder, Caffeine, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Green Tea Extract, Maca, Vitamin E, Niacin, and Zinc.


libigrow  ingredients

Compare Libigrow to VigRX Plus


Libigrow - Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with taking Libigrow pills.


Libigrow - Bonuses

Current Libigrow Free Bonuses:

  • No free bonuses when you buy Libigrow


Libigrow - Medical Endorsements

Libigrow is not doctor approved or recommended.


Libigrow - Shipping

Libigrow shipping charges are $7.50 for the free trial offer.


Libigrow - How to Order

Libigrow is available to order online through the product website at or certain retail locations like gas stations.


Libigrow - Conclusion

libigrow labsLibigrow is definitely not one of the better male enhancement products available for men. Libigrow does contain a few good ingredients for male enhancement, but unfortunately there is far less than most leading sexual enhancers. Each Libigrow capsule contains only 500 mg. of ingredients, while leading enhancement formulas vary between 1000 and 1500 mg of active ingredients in every capsule! While there is nothing harmful in the Libigrow formula, we think that most men are looking for something with more potent and dramatic results in a male enhancement formula.

Libigrow is certainly not the best choice for men - especially compared to the top rated penis enhancement capsules like VigRX Plus, Prexil, and Prosolution Pills. Many of the ingredients in Libigrow could easily be found in your cupboards at home - like Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, and Rice Flour. If you're going to spend your hard earned money on a sexual enhancer, we encourage men to try one of the more potent formulas which will have noticeable results on your erection size, sexual stamina, and sexual pleasure and performance.

Libigrow is only available online through their "Free Trial" offer whereby you get 1 free Libigrow tablet and pay shipping charges of $7.50. This is unfortunate as we usually caution men to be leery of any product that includes "Free trials" or "Autoship Programs" as these are usually just a scam to get your credit card information so they can bill you every month until you cancel - which they make almost impossible to do. We aren't saying necessarily that Libigrow does this, but we far prefer when companies let you order a specific quantity of product with a one-time order, and you can't do this with Libigrow. Another drawback is that the Libigrow money back guarantee applies to unopened packages only, so as soon as you open the package to try Libigrow - you can't get your money back. Not a very good guarantee in our books!

We think there are several superior products available made by companies who have been around for many years and have a proven track record of providing results. We find it extremely hard to recommend Libigrow when there are several safer, more effective, and more affordable options readily available. Our customer feedback indicates a user rating of #86 for Libigrow, far behind the top male enhancement products. Compare Libigrow to the top 5 enhancement pills.




libigrow creamUser Rating: #86
penis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill rating
Libigrow Capsules

Manufactured By:

True 2 Beauty Inc.
5560 - 61 Street
Los Angeles, CA
visit libigrow site

Product Review:

Libigrow is produced by True 2 Beauty Inc. and sold through the product website at According to the Libigrow website, Libigrow is designed to enhance your libido and is formulated to improve sexual potency, energy, and pleasure.

Libigrow Product Claims:

  • Enhances Sexual Libido in Men and Women
  • Improve Sexual Potency, Energy, and Pleasure

Expected Results:

It's unclear what results, if any, men or women can expect with Libigrow pills. The Libigrow male formula only contains 500 mg. of active ingredients - which is far below leading male enhancement products. Because our consumer recommended penis pills provide much more dramatic results for increased penis size, improved erectile function, and overall sexual performance, it makes it extremely hard to recommend Libigrow as a top choice for men.

libigrow Product Guarantee: 90 Days - Unopened Packages Only

----> Visit Libigrow Site

----> Order Libigrow Pills Now




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Scam Investigation File: Libigrow - Closed


Thanks for reading our Libigrow scam investigation. It seems quite apparent that Libigrow is most likely a "free trial" scam. We would encourage men to thoroughly do their homework if they're even considering buying Libigrow. If you have any more questions about Libigrow or any concerns about Libigrow or other products being a scam, please contact us using the form below. If you would like to send in a testimonial for Libigrow or any other male sexual enhancement product, we would love to hear from you! We hope this information has been useful in helping you find the sexual enhancement product that's right for you. Compare all the top rated penis pills.