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Dapoxetine Review

The most common sexual disorder in men is premature ejaculation, which is also called PE. Premature ejaculation is a disorder where a man ejaculates before he would like to; the disorder is bad enough in some men that they can ejaculate before intercourse has started. Studies show that over thirty percent of all men suffer from premature ejaculation.

Even though this is obviously a major problem for men, there has never been a medication developed to treat PE. With the introduction of Dapoxetine that has all changed. Dapoxetine Hydrochloride is a new drug created by Janssen Pharmaceutica; the company claims that this new drug will significantly delay ejaculation for men that suffer premature ejaculation. You can find out more information in this Dapoxetine review. Some information provided by www.dapoxetinereview.com

There has been much testing of this new drug, but the largest trial involved 2614 men that suffer from PE. This was a double blind, placebo-controlled, phase III trial that was published in the Lancet medical journal. The Lancet journal reported that men given Dapoxetine one to three hours before sex more than tripled the time it took them to ejaculate. At the start of the testing, the average male had an ejaculation time of less than one minute. After taking the drug the average time to reach climax climbed to 3.32 minutes.

Dapoxetine is not designed to be taken every day; it is designed to be used as needed. The studies showed that taking the drug one to three hours before intercourse gave the men optimal performance. Most men tolerated the drug well, but there were some mild side effects. The side effects included headache, nausea, and dizziness. The side effects were mild for most men and since the drug is completely cleared out of your system in 24 hours or less the side effects do not last. The dosage given to the participants of this study was 60mg. and it was given one to three hours prior to having sex.

Another study that was done in the United States over a period of twelve weeks confirmed the results of the Lancet study. The main difference in the two studies is that the American study gave the participants 30mg and 60mg dosages of Dapoxetine. The study showed that the lesser dosage had nearly identical results as the 60mg dosage. The drug is currently available in both dosage sizes, but the 30mg dosage seems to be a sufficient dosage.

Dapoxetine belongs to a family of drugs known as SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The way that this family of drugs works is that it selectively reduces the reuptake of a chemical in the brain called serotonin. When the serotonin is inhibited in the brain, you will have better control over your ejaculation.

If you are considering using Dapoxetine, you should avoid drinking alcohol prior to taking the medication. Alcohol makes the side effects worse, and lessens the effectiveness of the pill. You should also consult with your doctor before taking Dapoxetine; this is especially true if you are taking other SSRIs. If you have kidney problems you should also consult your doctor before taking this drug.