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Welcome to MenReviewed.com - If you're looking for unbiased and independent information on medically approved male enhancement products and techniques - you've come to the right place. For almost 10 years MenReviewed.com has served as the premier resource site for men seeking information on male enhancement methods and programs - and we're proud to be the best place to find all the current enhancement discounts, bonuses, and limited time offers.

You can take comfort in researching male enhancement products knowing that MenReviewed.com is one of the most trusted and respected penis enhancement review sites on the web. Our mission is to help educate men about the multitude of male enhancement options available. At MenReviewed.com, we don't sell or manufacture any of the products listed on this site - and that allows us to give honest and unbiased product reviews without interference or prejudice. MenReviewed.com does not accept paid advertising on this site.


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We consider each member of our panel to be an 'expert' for a variety of reasons. The men who review our products are extremely knowledgeable in the world of male enhancement, either because they've spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing them - or because they've used several of the enhancement methods themselves, and often both. We encourage you to learn more about these proven enhancement methods - reviewed by actual guys just like you!


The MenReviewed.com Panel

The MenReviewed panel of enhancement experts:

John Timmons
Bill Lintott
Wade Hoppe
Tim Cooksley

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John, Age 37

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We realize there are many choices for men seeking to improve their sex lives with male enhancement products and methods. There are so many products available it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for you. Our panel of men have spent thousands of hours studying and researching these products, and feel confident that they can narrow it down to the best few products in each category.

Whether you're looking for penis enlargement pills, semen volume pills, or premature ejaculation pills, chances are, we have the review for that product - and it's leading competitors. We encourage you to compare products to make sure you're getting the best product and the best value for your money.

The MenReviewed panel uses a variety of criteria to determine the quality of each enlargement product or program, including: customer feedback, clinical studies, medical research, quality of ingredients, doctor recommendations, and of course - safety. It's our hope that this multitude of free male enhancement information and product reviews will allow you to make an informed decision and find the product that's right for you.

Penis Enhancement - What are your options?
There are 4 main methods for proven penis enlargement that works:

penis pill reviews
penis extender reviews
penis patch reviews
penis exercise program reviews


Male Enhancement Pills

Penis enhancement pills are probably one of the quickest and most popular ways to increase penile size and improve your sexual performance. Enhancement capsules use 100% natural herbs that work to increase blood flow to your penis, improve erectile function, and greatly increase sexual stamina and enjoyment.

Most leading capsules will need to be taken once or twice daily and usually start providing benefits within days and increasing over time with continued usage. Whether you're looking for a product to increase penile size, or perhaps an effective premature ejaculation treatment, you'll find all the top consumer recommended products at MenReviewed.com.

Penis enhancement capsules are an excellent option for men looking to super charge their sex drive, attain harder, longer erections, and enhance sexual pleasure. Some enhancement pills will also work to eliminate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Studies show that as men get older and testosterone is reduced, our sexual performance decreases as a result. Male enhancement pills can help reverse this effect and recharge your sex life for you and your partner.

VIDEO: Can Male Enhancements Really Help Your Sex Life? YES!

Main Benefits of Penile Enhancement Pills:

  • Dramatic Penis Length Gains up to 3 Inches
  • Increase Penile Girth and Width
  • Longer, Harder Erections on Demand
  • Greatly Enhanced Sex Drive and Desire
  • Improved Stamina and Sexual Confidence
  • More Intense Sexual Pleasure
See the Full List
#1) Vigrx Plus
#2) Prexil
#3) Prosolution Pills


Penile Extenders

Penis extenders, also known as traction devices, have been proven in several clinical trials to increase penile length. Penis extenders are certain to add length to your penis - usually up to about 2 inches. They work by applying gentle and painless traction to the penile shaft which causes the cells in your erectile chamber to expand. Penis extenders were originally developed as a less expensive alternative to penile surgery, and have seen several design improvements over the years.

penis enlargement deviceIf you're looking to add permanent size to the penis - and prefer not to take enhancement capsules - then penile extenders are definitely a very good option. However, be aware that they may not provide as quick or dramatic results as some of the better enlargement pills. Some products such as SizeGenetics and ProExtender also feature an additional system that combines an extender, pills, and a penile exercise program into one complete penis enlargement program.

  • Penile Length Gains of 1-2 Inches
  • Increase Girth Up To 30%
  • Helps Reduce Peyronie's Disease / Curved Penis Problems
  • Helps to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation
  • Harder and Stronger Erections
  • Backed By Several Clinical Studies
See the Full List
#1) ProExtender
#2) SizeGenetics
#3) Vimax Extender


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free male enhancement e-bookReview of the Week - The Editors at MenReviewed.com add at least one new review each week. Check out this week's new male enhancement product review of the week. You can also visit our review archive to see all the product reviews we've featured. Check back often for new male product reviews every week!


Penis Enhancement Patches

enlargement patchesPatches are the newest form of penis enhancement and they're quickly becoming one of the most popular methods because of their simplicity and convenience. Penis patches use trans-dermal delivery through the skin for quick absorption of potent enhancement ingredients. You can wear the patch discreetly during the day and even when swimming, showering, etc..

Male enhancement patches contain many of the same ingredients found in penis pills. The main difference is the transdermal delivery system which allows the ingredients to be absorbed through your skin rather than your digestive system. Penile enlargement patches are also an excellent option for men who want guaranteed penile enlargement without taking pills.

  • Super Charge Your Sex Drive
  • Rock Solid Erections That Feel Longer and Harder
  • Improved Erectile Function
  • All Night Staying Power
  • Quicker Recovery For Multiple Sessions
  • 100% Natural Ingredients (time released for 24/7 sexual enhancement)
See the Full List
#1) Maxiderm
#2) Vimax Patch
#3) ProEnhance


Penis Exercise Programs

penis exercise programsNatural penis enhancement exercises are a good option for men with less money or inclination to try other male enhancement methods. While not quite as effective or quick as other enhancement options, if you have the time and dedication to commit to a penis exercise program, you will still see positive results. Penis exercises are a good choice for the both the cautious user and the beginner.

These exercise routines are completely safe to use, and there are thousands of men who have reported significant size increases after using these techniques. They work by assisting the body's natural ability to naturally grow and stretch under physical influence. You should be willing to commit 10 - 20 minutes per day to experience good results using penis exercise programs. There are several different exercise routines that focus on different benefits such as length, girth, eliminating penile curvature, and delaying ejaculations.

  • Step-By-Step Instructions (videos, diagrams, pictures, etc.)
  • Add Between 1-2 Inches To Your Penis
  • Techniques Can Be Performed In Just Minutes A Day From Home
  • Work At Your Own Pace Until Desired Gains Are Reached
  • Instant Online Access - Get Started in Minutes
See the Full List
#1) Penis Advantage
#2) Penis Health
#3) Penile Secrets


Semen Volume Enhancers

couple using semen pillsSemen volume supplements are relatively new to the male enhancement scene, as they started becoming available to the general public around 2004. Semen volumizers have gained popularity rapidly and have become one of the top selling male enhancement products the last few years. Recently several famous adult film stars have admitted to using semen volume pills to produce their "dramatic" climaxes while filming, which has helped explain the surging popularity of these sperm volume pills.

These semen supplements include potent herbal ingredients proven to dramatically increase semen production, improve sperm count, health and motility, and provide much more intense orgasms.

  • Increases Semen Volume (usually up to 500%)
  • Double or Triple Strength Orgasms
  • Raises Sperm Count and Improves Sperm Motility
  • More Powerful Ejaculations
  • Completely Safe with No Side Effects
  • Several Medical and Doctor Endorsements
See the Full List
#1) Semenax
#2) Volumaxx
#3) Vimax Volume


Penile Enhancement - Products For Better Sex

As you've already seen, there are a multitude of male sexual enhancement options now available for men. Doctor recommended penis enhancement pills, penile extender devices, natural penis exercise programs and semen volume capsules all offer a number of ways to elevate your sexual performance, increase size, and increase your sexual stamina, vitality, and enjoyment.

Not only will your partner benefit from your increased size, improved sexual performance and confidence by experiencing more pleasure and satisfaction - but you will enjoy several benefits which will propel you to the best sex of your life. The added bonus is that when both partners are experiencing more pleasure, it usually results in more frequent sex. Male enhancement products now give men the chance to take their sexual performance to a higher level and experience the best sex of their lives. The benefits of a proven male enhancement program include:

enhancement products for better sex
  • Dramatically Increase Penile Length ( up to 3")
  • Add Up To 1.5 Inches in Girth
  • Stop Premature Ejaculations
  • Longer, Harder Erections on Demand
  • Greatly Enhanced Sex Drive and Desire
  • Improved Stamina and Sexual Confidence
  • More Intense Sexual Pleasure
  • Completely Safe and Natural

Today's male enhancement products are extremely affordable and feature the latest in medical and scientific technology. We hope you can use the information on this site to discover the penile enhancement method that fits your lifestyle. Take action now and enjoy the many benefits of these proven enlargement techniques. Good luck!